Package Includes

Managed Firewall*
Remote Access
Custom Server Build
Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
Guaranteed Hardware Replacement*

* Optional

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Why Use dedicated servers for your business

Dedicated Servers offer the most flexibility for integration into your computing environment.

Need servers stored in redundant facilities? Kyvon can help develop a plan to move the most critical components with minimal to no downtime. Dedicated servers hosted with Kyvon will reside in our datacenters on reliable redundant power and Internet connections. Best of all 100% of server access controls are maintained by your IT staff allowing you to keep control of your environment and most sensitive data.


Step One: What makes sense for me to move?
Exchange Servers
Domain Controllers
Backup Servers

The list goes on and on…..

Step Two: How much horse power

After deciding what you are going to move now we have to figure out what type of servers we will need to run the services and applications that will relocated to the datacenter. At Kyvon we work with you to decide on the right server hardware based on budget and desired performance.

Step Three: Purchasing and terms

Everybody’s favorite subject! If we could do this for free, we would, we live it, breath it, and love it. Reality must set in for us to be able to continue to provide great service to our clients we must bill. Luckily we have options for you to make our solutions fit into your price / performance scenario. Lease, Buy, terms, volume, all can affect the final price. Bottom line is we pride ourselves in flexibility, its part of our culture.

Step Four: Order / Coordination / Install

Many years as IT employees, consultants, and business owners has prepared us to make the plans for a seamless move and integration.