AktiveNet Overview

By utilizing AktiveNet™ on your company network, Kyvon will not only reduce the monetary costs of PC and server management, but also increase company productivity by working pro-actively with the IT Infrastructure.

AktiveNet™ significantly reduces the total cost of desktop and application management by enabling Kyvon to proactively and securely centralize and standardize desktop management. Automating and centralizing desktop configuration tasks reduces the overall costs of PC support.

With its robust notification system, AktiveNet™ will alert Kyvon to warnings or failures that occur on your network. Alerts will be sent to Kyvon technicians through a variety of notification methods, including SMS, email and pager. Technicians can then make changes on the system without interrupting the user, interact with the user in chat mode, or take over the machine with remote control.

What would happen to:

Your productivity:

If your network, connecting your PCs, printers and copiers no longer worked?

Your business:

If you couldn’t communicate via email systems?

Your reputation:

If you missed delivery dates or mis‐shipped due to network downtime?

Your bottom line:

if your employees couldn’t be productive or your reputation was compromised?